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W-IE-NE-R File Archive: "/firmware/MPOD/MPOD-Display/Doom-VersionList.php"
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W-IE-NE-R File Archive: "/firmware/MPOD/MPOD-Display/Doom-VersionList.php"

Revision Date Author Message
4411 2018-04-13T13:33:34.435288Z kirstein Version 2.1.4178.0
- High precicion for current on ISEG Modules
3747 2017-04-11T13:17:10.498779Z kirstein Version 2.1.3736.0
- Adedd support for new MPOD Controller (integrated switch)
3451 2016-06-22T09:22:08.906892Z kirstein Version 2.1.3450.0
- Jump to Bootloader optimized
3175 2015-10-21T11:10:50.025880Z kirstein Version 2.1.3174.0
- Fix for Keylock Feature in Hardware Revision < 2
3124 2015-09-15T12:04:24.511830Z kirstein Version 2.1.3123.0
- minor bugs fixed
2985 2015-07-02T09:50:22.151073Z kirstein Version 2.1.2940.0
- Keylock function added
- display driver optimized
2755 2015-01-20T07:51:53.861765Z kirstein Version 2.1.2734.0
- minor bugs fixed
- display driver optimized
2417 2014-04-02T11:27:47.002798Z kirstein Version 2.1.2349.0
- Module Emergency OFF Function added
- Iseg Trip Time controllable
- Module Informations shown
- Timeout Error visible
2264 2013-08-26T13:03:02.843755Z kirstein Version 2.1.2263.0
- select channels directly from channel overview
- select "Global" button for a fullscreen overview
- new style scheme
- optimized channel status presentation
- several graphic bugs fixed and optimized
2180 2013-04-19T11:14:42.713899Z kirstein Version 2.0.2179.0
- Added compatibility for Iseg EBS F 005
- Support for negative output voltage
2148 2012-12-06T11:37:35.250085Z koester Version 2.0.2072
Support for negative HV modules (rise/fall rate and outputConfigMaxterminalVoltage is negative).
2147 2013-03-04T09:25:29.296006Z koester Version 2.0.2110.0
- Flash-Programming support of PIC32MX460F512 with Datecode 2011 or newer.
2112 2013-02-06T09:09:41.942877Z koester Version DoomBL 1.0.2109.0
- Flash-Programming support of PIC32MX460F512 with Datecode 2011 or newer.
- New bootloader command RD_VER, to detect if bootloader or firmware is running.
2068 2012-12-05T09:59:10.415234Z koester Version 1.0.2067.0
New user interface.
1410 2011-05-06T07:25:38.750231Z koester Version DoomBL 1.0.1344.0

Boot loader code working with Doom display and Microchip demo board.
UART0 and UART1 possible (detected via autobaud)
1409 2011-05-06T07:21:30.725331Z koester Version 1.1.1407.0

Major changes:
Communication with MPODC checksum-controlled, complete interrupt based.
Switches polled via interrupts (no missing/blocking switch positions possible)
Firmware update via RS232 and MPODC (USB/TCP/IP) possible.