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W-IE-NE-R File Archive: "/software/MUSEcontrol/MUSEcontrol-VersionList.php"

Revision Date Author Message
4064 2017-09-15T11:54:43.321004Z kirschberger revert accidental check-in
3878 2017-08-04T11:33:10.758858Z koester NEW: command line option -s8 replaced by -sN (N: 0...127), so the channel scan can be limmited to any number.
MPOD, MUSE: Clarify: Replace status "ILLEGAL" with better describing text.
Some minor improvements.
Additional info: The (deprecated) command line optin "USB 0x..." should be replace with the "-..." syntax. Some examples:
"USB 0x3E4" can be replaced by -H -ac -g3 -sa -sm
"USB 0x13E4" can be replaced by -H -ac -g3 -sa -sm -s8 -l c:\tmp\LogFile
3755 2017-04-18T12:55:24.696172Z kirschberger MUSEcontrol Software:
- New: Settings for feature "Supervision with programmable delay" is now save to and restored from the MUSEControl config files; Settings are added as attributes inside the "SupervisionDelay" tag

modified ModuleFileIO.cpp
3754 2017-04-18T11:37:39.444681Z kirschberger MUSEcontrol Software:
- New: State of the checkbox "PWM with variable frequency" in the ModuleSysConfig is now save to and restored from the MUSEControl config files
- Fix: Corrected typo inside the description of the checkbox "PWM with variable frequency"

modified ModuleFileIO.cpp
modified muhse.rc
3752 2017-04-13T11:25:36.620575Z kirschberger MUSEcontrol Software:
- New: Added support for new MRPSE feature of "supervision with programmable delay"
- Added textboxes to the ModuleUsrConfig dialog to be able to control the supervision delay settings for the individual supervision
items of the MRPSE; width of the dialog window was extendend; delay can be adjusted in millisecond steps, value range is 0 to 65535
- Added handler functions to write changes supervision delay settings to the corresponding regulator board; delays are stored inside the
regulator boards UserConfig

modified communicate.h
modified ModuleUsrConfig.cpp
modified muhse.rc
modified resource.h
modified xerces/src/xercesc/util/Platforms/Win32
3751 2017-04-13T10:29:05.422356Z kirschberger MUSEcontrol Software:
- New: Added new checkbox "PWM with variable frequnecy" to the ModuleSysConfig dialog to be able to control the new variable
PWM frequency feature introduced into the firmware of the MRPSE regulator boards; data is stored inside MODULE_SYSTEM_CONFIG_DATA::flags
3739 2017-03-28T07:12:03.022616Z kirschberger MUSEcontrol Software:
- Fix: New MPOD controller specific checkbox for EnableMainSwitchOnMPODC should only be accessable with sysConfig rights (see previous commit)
3738 2017-03-28T06:56:06.424681Z kirschberger MUSEcontrol Software:
- Added new MPOD controller specific checkbox to the global configuration dialog to be able to set the "EnableMainSwitchOnMPODC" control bit
(for further description see revision 3737)
3638 2016-12-22T12:54:16.670596Z kirschberger MUSEcontrol Software:
- Simple svn property change to make the MUSEControl repository use correct externals.
3505 2016-08-04T14:21:20.577552Z kirschberger MUSEcontrol Software:
- Corrected script for generating the installer binary due to new structure of of usb driver files
- Added detection of system type to installer binary due to new structure of of usb driver files
3500 2016-08-02T06:26:19.826366Z kirschberger MUSEcontrol Software:
- Added new checkbox to configuration Dialog to be able to set the bitrate of the high voltage backplane CAN bus on MPOD controllers
- Checkbox will only work when an MPOD controller is connected
3337 2016-03-24T17:56:49.741242Z koester FIX: Updated command line help
NEW: Enter MRP serial number now possible using the module serial number and the channelId.
3324 2016-03-04T15:59:18.804445Z koester NEW: syslog: Compiler defines remove white space (SYSLOG_TRIM_RIGHT) and replace \r\n inside of the message (SYSLOG_REPLACE_NEWLINE). Default 0 (old behaviour)
FIX: TMS320 communication: replace the fixed number of retries by real timeout handling. This should fix the TMS320 flash issues on some computers.
3312 2016-03-01T17:25:04.824055Z koester NEW: Show help window if command line options/parameters are invalid
3310 2016-02-26T17:05:27.684003Z koester Config: UserConfigFlags: disableGlobalInhibit and autoPowerOn added to save/readConfiguration.
3309 2016-02-26T16:23:04.190436Z koester FIX: f28xxpkt.cpp PktRecvMsg(..): Timeout compare wrong (might not have an effect), wrong compare with received size.
NEW: Syslog: Add the "log to file" possibility for Visual Studio (identical to the existing one for Qt)
NEW: Additional log information.
NEW: Read TMS320 silicon ID
MOD: Command line parser updated to allow -xx options together with the old parameters
3307 2016-02-24T18:01:50.242702Z koester NEW: CML00 firmware, with bootloader, suport.
3166 2015-10-14T16:15:52.747824Z koester NEW: Channel Scan: Print a warning only if not connected to MPOD and a channel is expected.
NEW: Don't show module firmware update dialog on systems not supporting this.
3158 2015-10-09T15:41:05.033284Z koester NEW: MUSEcontrol: Ethernet-Flags for disabling of DHCP, BOOTP and HTTP now available in configuration menu.
This was necessary in case of corrupted EEPROM to clear the flags again.
3094 2015-08-18T09:52:43.185574Z orth - Bugfix: command line options -gm/-g1/-g2/-g3 and -oo not parsed correct
- Enhanced: at dialog 'output configuration' edit-field IDC_STATUS_ERRORS plus group-field around and error texts adjusted to show one error per line
- Bugfix: at dialog 'output configuration' output of fMax, fMin, fNom values shown only if valid otherwise shown as invalid

3093 2015-08-17T13:57:31.134776Z orth Bugfix: Edit field 'Hotspot Temperature' shows 0 instead of text 'FAIL' or 'OK' (related to bug #384)

3067 2015-07-20T12:21:55.203875Z orth - Added: command line parameter -oo to preset the system-configuration checkbox of 'firmware-via-CAN-update'-dialog
3051 2015-07-17T11:14:57.982509Z orth - Modified: auto-detection of applicationstart-address is checked against the program memory range
- Modified: CAN scan of bootloader-update-dialog ends at least with module ID 13 (default ID of MRSPE)
3018 2015-07-15T13:36:48.959867Z orth - Bugfix: WriteAreaAck return "-1"
- Added: support for HEX-parameter HPN_FW_TYPE
- Workaround: communication slowed down to help MUSE transferring the telegrams (delay of 50 ms between telegrams)
- Modified: a workaround removed (was needed for ISEG prototype update)
- Modified: default state of IDC_CH_PRESERVE_SYSCFG is unchecked

3014 2015-07-09T13:27:34.207769Z orth - Added: Hint about RS232-build (part of version text) in Info-Dialog
3013 2015-07-08T12:30:05.896330Z orth - Merge: CAN-bootloader branch merged
3006 2015-07-07T06:50:19.714007Z koester Fix: Don't try to connect to detect modules if the device (known by USB ID) does not support modules. This was not working correctly for some command line switches.
2935 2015-06-07T14:12:26.469003Z koester NEW: MUSEcontrol can be used for UEL6E(USB) programming, product ID 0x0016 is recognized now.
Firmware header is updated according to new firmware header, compliant with bootloader r2911.
2907 2015-04-29T16:29:24.978367Z koester TCP/IP Config: "Ignore Hardware Interlocks" can be changed without admin rights.
Fix: Menus DVM, OutputConfiguration and OutputCalibration will not open if no LV module is connected.
2906 2015-04-29T15:54:33.065859Z koester MUSE: Fast power fail detection settings configurable (TCPIP dialog).
2712 2014-12-15T21:12:39.333391Z koester New configuration flags for MRPOD:
- disableGlobalInhibit (configuration, ignore the global inhibit from MPOD)
- autoPowerOn (configuration, switch power on with CMD_MAIN_ON)
2700 2014-12-04T15:36:40.057830Z orth - Modified: Completed source code to use compiling option to build RS232-version
- Added: USB ProductID definitions moved to separate header file to avoid compiling problems
2699 2014-12-03T10:41:19.683241Z koester Flash für neuen Bootloader (S.Dedeck). Getestet mit MPOD. Noch nicht optimal (Checksum nur 16 bit, es wird noch ein Jump eingefügt, der nicht notwendig ist).
2571 2014-09-16T07:20:03.887389Z orth - Modified: Selection of channel by key-press with LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys (indead of PAGE UP and DOWN).
- Added: Vertical scollbar at main window controlled by mouse or key-press (UP/DOWN ARROW and PAGE UP/DOWN keys).
2497 2014-07-21T14:03:37.222556Z orth Modified: Fixed path to NSIS installer binaries replaced by a more independent macro.
2496 2014-07-21T13:12:49.303108Z orth Added: Selecting output on page-up/page-down keypress.
Added: Start-up flags now additionally in new format.
Added: All dialog titles include the serial number of the connected device.
2493 2014-07-17T10:53:37.284466Z koester Product-ID (pid) wurde in tabConnectedDevices nicht initialisiert, und die globale Variable nicht gesetzt.
2489 2014-07-16T11:30:07.670999Z koester Set Unom & Inom to 100% after calibration wizard.
Update user config window after calibration.
2470 2014-07-08T14:34:15.759456Z orth Fix: Added some checks to prevent the application from crash when no functional (USB-) device is selected and in use.
2469 2014-07-08T14:13:03.612589Z orth Update: Year of copyright updated.
2468 2014-07-08T14:09:26.563233Z orth New: If more than one USB device is available then the user can select one.
2458 2014-06-04T14:13:03.747867Z koester New: Allow multiple instances of the program, connected to different USB devices.
This is a very basic implementation: The first available device is used. A more confortable way would be the user selects the device in a dialog window, but this is more work to do.
2456 2014-05-24T11:46:39.158566Z koester Fix: Did not compile with fresh checkout. Code should not have changed, but the IP part has to be tested.
2455 2014-05-22T12:23:59.846114Z koester Calibration of internal sense without user interaction.
Better comments in the wizard dialog describing what to do.
2454 2014-05-16T19:13:06.338001Z koester DAC calibration documentation.
2453 2014-05-16T14:50:09.258236Z koester 2 independent wizards, for voltage and current.
2452 2014-05-15T18:33:40.634439Z koester Automatic calibration of internal sense settings
2451 2014-05-15T17:31:14.088316Z koester Calibation wizard: Reorder the sequence (now UInternal after the other voltages)
2450 2014-05-15T16:54:07.869421Z koester New calibration wizard for MPOD.
2449 2014-05-13T15:12:20.519238Z koester New: Keyboard shortcuts: If the main window is active, the keys "0"-"9" switch the corresponding channels on or off (toggel). The details windows switch to that channel.
Fix: DVM: Title bar updated if channel changed.
2448 2014-05-13T10:59:16.625124Z koester Fix: Calibration DAC: Offset was wrong.
2446 2014-05-09T18:06:57.982259Z koester Allow programming of the new bootloader written by S.Dedeck. This requires recoginition of the ".fwversion" section of the COFF file (additionaly to the ".version" section)
2432 2014-04-22T17:32:11.408005Z koester Config file read: Special MATCHING did not work with MPOD.
Dialog channel saved for next time the dialog is opened.
2424 2014-04-11T18:38:41.634460Z koester MPOD, PL512: CAL-Button larger.
All double/float input boxes accept ',' as decimal point, too.
2423 2014-04-09T18:01:31.190330Z koester Protect "divide by 0" exceptions during calibration. Done by F.Jahanshir some time ago.
2357 2014-02-12T17:38:57.838412Z koester Beim Programmieren der UEL6E über USB wird die Datei F2810SerialFlash.out genutzt. Da wir nun seit vielen Jahren nur noch den 2811 einsetzten, ist die Selektion auf F2811SerialFlash.out geändert (bis auf den MPOD, der den F2812SerialFlash.out nutzt).
2256 2013-08-21T17:04:28.964500Z koester Change project settings to add the project directory to the include path (necessary for use of stdafx.h with sources used in multiple projects)
2082 2012-12-17T17:27:18.422430Z koester Xerces: Add VS2010 project files
Modification of r1551: Give dumme a understandable name.
1877 2012-06-21T19:49:53.571028Z koester Update to Visual Studio 2010.
Update to recent syslog.
1563 2011-12-05T19:07:32.869904Z koester Compiler Visual Studio 2005 -> VC2008 Express Edition
SiLabs driver supporting Win7 64 bit
Show dll and driver version in about box.
1560 2011-12-03T19:11:51.180342Z koester Replacement of internal usbDriver folder by external USBXpress/usbDriver.
1551 2011-12-01T08:48:53.797558Z jahanshir Dialog field bug fixed.
1545 2011-11-22T15:27:59.445386Z jahanshir Check box "Enablel External Inhibit" was added
1525 2011-09-19T16:40:41.314576Z koester False Power Fail detection:
- The number of power fail detection retries (was fixed 1) is now programmable via firstLvSlot.
- New GLOBAL_USER_CONFIG_DATA flag ignoreIoPF. IOf set, the I/O input pin is not used for PF generation.
This revision allows the flag modification via MUSEcontrol.
1491 2011-07-27T14:41:12.872937Z koester CML flash code size increased from 64k to 128k.
1437 2011-06-01T21:53:41.997727Z koester MPOD: More robust USB/SNMP detection.
1426 2011-05-26T12:55:52.891528Z koester MPOD: Increase current resolution from 3 to 5 digits (necessary for 120V)
MPOD: During detection of the used USB protocol use 2 reties now (instead of 0)
1383 2011-04-14T18:54:22.752713Z koester SNMP retry after timeout active
1381 2011-04-14T13:55:28.064456Z koester Connection of MUSEcontrol to MPODC via SNMP/SLIP.
1225 2010-11-11T10:52:01.884243Z koester MPOD: Set the fCmdLine flags searchModuleMRP and getMeasureMRP automatically.
1219 2010-11-03T16:08:32.456740Z koester FIX: A flash programming bug introduced in previous version.
NEW: Module detection aborts now if no USB/RS232 connection to device processor.
1218 2010-11-03T07:32:24.798004Z koester MPOD: Allow code size of 128k.
1157 2010-07-12T15:17:13.813906Z koester Config: New item userCfg.cfg.snmpNoBitOid. If this bit is set at power supplies prepared for this, SNMP BIT OIDs will be replaced by INTEGER.
1104 2010-06-01T07:49:29.435393Z koester FIX: MPOD: TCP/IP-Settings / configuration did not work.
1101 2010-05-28T08:41:50.204427Z koester Globaler Interlock funktioniert nun auch mit I/O. Muss über MUSEcontrol (useGlobalInterlock) aktiviert werden
1096 2010-05-27T14:18:31.062654Z koester Fix: Flash-Löschmaske wurde nicht direkt vor dem Löschen definiert, sonder vorher. Die Löschfunktion wurde überarbeitet.
1095 2010-05-27T11:51:25.889274Z koester Anzahl MPOD-Module: max. 127. Man benötigt jetzt nicht immer das Flag USB 0040 (search all channels)
1094 2010-05-27T07:21:03.136004Z koester Sonderfunktion Individueller Interlock
Das Flag userCfg.cfg.Interlock11IsCommon kann modifiziert werden.
961 2010-01-21T15:14:06.231794Z koester Release-Build
Neue MRPOD-Werte pwmMaxOnTime und pwmMinPeriod
917 2009-12-08T13:33:06.535189Z koester Timeouts (Verbindung über USB zu MPOD) angepasst (von 100ms auf 250ms). Nun während der Modulsuche keine Timeout-Meldungen mehr.
910 2009-11-26T15:58:32.484590Z koester Bug in wiener-d.inf: "Der Schlüssel der Konfigurationsregistrierung ist unzulässig" beim Anschluss eines MPODs.
907 2009-11-24T11:40:32.441422Z koester Erweiterungen für MRPOD: Kalibration von internem Sense-Betrieb, Vereinfachung der Kalibration.
906 2009-11-19T07:30:32.757876Z koester Erweiterungen für MRPOD
899 2009-11-09T09:28:17.969142Z koester Removal of unused files
885 2009-10-09T13:12:47.273833Z koester Spezial-Version Atlas Liquid Argon (BNL): Angepasste Anzeige des Hauptfensters
883 2009-10-08T16:26:58.884566Z koester Spezial-Version Atlas Liquid Argon (BNL)
882 2009-10-08T13:20:02.912000Z koester MPOD: Erweiterung für 127 Kanäle (mit Kommandozeilenoption "USB 0x3E4)
881 2009-10-08T12:52:24.704281Z fink [Modify]

* Zeigt nun die Version der Firmware und des Bootloaders an
* Bootloader und Firmware können getrennt von einander gelöscht und programmiert werden
836 2009-09-03T08:58:13.394300Z koester NSIS-Installer uses SVN Revision automatically
831 2009-09-02T17:16:03.634921Z koester Firmware update now gets the version of the flashed device directly from FLASH.
825 2009-09-01T13:58:48.481010Z koester CML integration (only flash)
814 2009-08-31T12:55:08.590530Z koester Rückgängig Revision 813
813 2009-08-31T11:47:50.888721Z fink Letzter Stand der MusheControl für CML (wird nicht mehr verwendet)
708 2009-04-30T14:31:33.342386Z koester SiUSBXp.lib aus lokalem Projekt verwendet
707 2009-04-30T13:39:11.469369Z koester MUSEcontrol: EXTERNAL Verzeichnisse in neuer Struktur (./common) organisiert
702 2009-04-28T11:41:36.605878Z koester Übersetzt mit aktuellen externals (Anpassung syslog), SLN-Datei war nicht archiviert (debug/release/...)
572 2008-06-20T06:42:42.710715Z koester Xerxes 2.8.0 (static library) => no xerces and msvcr80d dlls necessary.
568 2008-06-17T09:41:00.839339Z koester Installer changed to NSIS
397 2007-09-28T16:32:58.106809Z koester MSI Installer
392 2007-09-27T16:37:42.212819Z koester firstLvSlot in Systemkonfiguration eingefügt (notwendig für LV-Module ohne geographische Adressierung)
384 2007-09-19T15:14:23.453261Z koester MUSEcontrol: externe Abhängigkeiten in SVN, VC8, Modulanzahl dynamisch 12 oder 16
241 2007-05-12T22:25:36.000000Z koester MUSEcontrol Vorführversion MPI
240 2007-05-12T00:00:00.000000Z koester MUSEcontrol vor MPOD-Modifikationen, aber schon mit MPOD Device Driver
234 2005-07-07T00:00:00.000000Z koester MUSE-, Auslieferung CERN, Version für RCM)
233 2005-06-14T00:00:00.000000Z koester MUSE-, Auslieferung CERN, mit USB-Firmwareupdate
232 2005-06-10T00:00:00.000000Z koester MUSE-2.00, Auslieferung CERN-Proto, 10.06.2005
231 2005-06-09T00:00:00.000000Z koester MUSE-(09.06.2005, kurz vor USB)
230 2005-06-06T00:00:00.000000Z koester MUSE-(06.06.2005, MRPSE
227 2005-01-24T00:00:01.000000Z koester MUSEcontrol (Auslieferung F8-12)
226 2005-01-24T00:00:00.000000Z koester Neues Projekt MUSEcontrol